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Rewritten, Redefined, Reinvented

Where innovation meets integration

With a legacy spanning over two decades and a footprint touching the lives of over 4 million individuals worldwide, Knowledge Objects’ expertise lies in the development of integrated administration and managed care systems.


Our award-winning technology is modular and flexible, yet it's fully integrated on a single technology platform ensuring seamless, holistic solutions tailored for the health and insurance sectors. With us, complexity turns into simplicity.


AI-Powered Risk Management

In the ever-evolving health and insurance industry, predicting and mitigating future risks is crucial for success. We utilise advanced AI algorithms to analyse vast amounts of data and identifying potential risks before they become a problem.


With a 360 degree view on the integrated platform, uncertainties are eliminated to ensure seamless navigation and enhanced risk management solutions.

Improved Outcomes

Improved Outcomes through Intelligent Decision-making

Our AI-powered solutions provide clients with the tools and insights required to make better and faster decisions.


We empower our clients to transform data into actionable knowledge, enabling them to deliver the highest standard of care and achieve tangible improvements in health risk and financial outcomes.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers



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Pride in numbers

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

The Knowledge Objects automation strategy is based on extensive clinical intellectual property that is continuously reviewed against local and international guidelines by qualified clinical specialists.


By formulating world class protocols and intelligence systems, we ensure evidence-based outcomes, better management of benefits, and improved financial results.

Accelerate your business

Speed to Market

With our inherent flexibility, we enable seamless customisation and rapid deployment of systems and products to stay ahead in the competitive healthcare & financial services landscape through highly automated systems.


By eliminating the traditional silo product design, clients are empowered to respond swiftly to market demands and gain a competitive edge.

Speed to market
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Achieve superior financial outcomes, improve customer satisfaction, and accelerate your journey into the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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