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Artificial Intelligence, Rules technology & Predictive Modelling

Knowledge Objects proprietary Artificial Intelligence module and rules engine technology (known as KnowledgePower™) sits at the heart of the Knowledge Objects administration risk management system.


KnowledgePower™ seamlessly embeds large amounts of clinical and decision making capability into all systems (rules and machine learning predictive modelling).

As a result, powerful, highly automated processes are created that ultimately ensure the consistent application of clinical and other rules, with syntax that overcomes some of the most challenging application functionality requirements in the industry. 

The KnowledgePower™ rules engine applies a comprehensive set of approximately 64 000 clinical, coding, business and product design rules in tandem increasing the scope and level of automation of common business processes. 

KnowledgePower™ is used to fully automate some of the most knowledge intensive business processes including: 

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